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The most frequently asked questions.

Is ma-foto a company?

Answer: No. It was a company for several years, but at its own choice it was turned into a hobby business.

Can you buy services & pictures anyway?

Answer: Yes, it's going well. I invoice through Frilans finans and set up what I have time for. Buying pictures also works well in my webshop or by contacting me for a more personal solution.

Do you have to be slim and have long legs to become a model?

Answer: Absolutely not! I have no requirements at all for appearance as long as you yourself feel that you want to be photographed and have made that choice. Diversity enriches and is needed.

Do you have to be over 18?

Answer: Both yes and no. As long as your parents are on the notes and maybe on photography, you can of course be younger. If you want to participate in my fine art sessions, of course at least 18+ applies

Do you have to photograph naked / lightly dressed?

Answer: No. Of course, we agree on what we take photos of and then it is most important that it is something that YOU feel safe and comfortable with.

Where do the pictures end up?

Answer: As the author, I own the images according to law. I can pretty much publish anywhere but not make money on the pictures without your special approval. I mainly publish photos on my website, Instagram, Faceboook and some other photo-related pages / apps.

Do you delete the pictures if you regret it?

Answer yes. There's really nothing I have to do because I own the copyright but I see no point in struggling and making enemies, so I usually delete photos with a reservation if they have been used in, for example, printing as a business card, etc. I can also never guarantee that they are completely removed because people online steal pictures, take screenshots, etc.

What does it cost to be photographed by you?

Answer: It depends a bit on the circumstances. I have several different price examples, but this mainly applies if you have your own ideas and do not want me to publish the pictures at all. If, on the other hand, you choose one of my own photo ideas or that we agree on your idea and you sign my consent, it is free, so-called tfp.

Do I get all the pictures?

Answer: I choose the pictures that I think I can stand for and that I think are best. I delete the rest (blurred, where you blink, make faces, etc.).


Can you use the pictures anyway?

Answer: No. Just as I have obligations, so do you as a participant. You can read my terms and conditions but in short you can say that you may not change the images, you should link or write my name in relation to the image, you may not resell it or use it for marketing purposes without a written approval from me.

Do you get paid as a model?

Answer: Since I am no longer a company and have no profit motive, it is difficult. It can possibly happen on special occasions but is extremely unusual. Your payment will be the value of the pictures and free publicity through me.

Do you have to come to you?

Answer: Of course it depends on the photo idea. If you want to take pictures in the studio, you have to come here. If we agree on another place, we'll see you there. I can imagine traveling a bit if it feels like a good photo idea and that we click.

Do you have to come by alone?

Answer: No, of course not. It can be a security to have a friend, partner or parent with you. Just remember that it should be a person you can really relax in front of so the pictures do not feel stiff and artificial.

Do you have to answer a lot of questions before photography?

Answer: I think it's great if we can have some contact via email, messenger or instagram and talk a little beauty and picture ideas before we meet. My experience is that the better we know each other before we see each other the easier it is to see and the better the pictures. It is also easier to agree and that both know what is expected well in place. If you feel that you absolutely do not want it, it is of course not something you have to do, but the risk increases, of course, that I would rather work with someone else.

Do you have to send pictures before?

Answer: Both yes and no. Of course, it's not a must and it's really not about seeing what you look like. On the other hand, I will photograph you in the near future and if you are not comfortable with showing some example pictures before, the question is how relaxed and good the actual photography will be later.

How do you get photographed?

Answer: Either you contact me via my contact page, or fill in my form for those interested in photography.

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