Location: Depending on the idea
Environment: Authentic / arranged
Purpose: I want to change the world and highlight what I think is important.

Description: We all have something to tell. We have all experienced things that shape us to those we are. Some things have in some way been crucial to how we today think and think about things. Never before have we come so far in terms of gender equality, poverty of knowledge, but it also feels as if the world is worried and much more needs to be done. I am convinced that in the end it comes to how we understand and act against each other and our environment if we are to move on, regardless of politics, religion and culture, so we must cooperate.

You as a participant have an idea of ​​something that you think you want to highlight based on your life and your experiences. Here are no right and wrong but the pictures can be omitted for you as a person so think about OM you want and are ready for your idea and then think about how you want to produce the pictures in the best way. Maybe you think that your thought and experience are not important and that no one else is interested in it. JO I think. We all have something to tell and it is up to you and me to get it visible in the picture / pictures. To the picture or pictures I would like to create a simple text based on your story.

Personally, I am weak for prejudice in our media time we live in. People judge each other on extremely loose grounds. I also feel strongly for the movement bodypositive and think it is crazy that the media retreats images that our young people take for reality. To be who you are regardless of gender, culture, religion and other things must be ok. Other key words for my part can be xenophobia, feminism, sexual orientation, social status, sexual abnormalities, injustice and much more. Of course, it facilitates if we have reasonably similar thinking but I am open for the most part and would love to hear your idea.

                                                                            COME ON NOW! NOW WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

Requirements: That you are comfortable in front of the camera, ready to stand for your idea in picture and that the pictures may be published.

Of course I always write contracts so that YOU can influence what happens with the picture / pictures.

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