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Few topics are so charged as nudity and yet we are in the 2000s, or is that precisely why? Since the beginning of time, we have been curious and fascinated by each other's bodies and secrets. We have since time immemorial wanted to shape the human body through cave paintings and paintings through the course of history and now photography is a way of documenting or strengthening its opinion. Many times it has gone wrong and has been purely exploitation, which of course is not something I support or encourage. In order for you to understand my intentions and my thoughts about my sessions, you need to get to know me and understand how I think. For me, everything is about people's photo, about creating a relationship based on trust and understanding, especially when it comes to nakedness.

Now I ask you to reset your mind, remove all prejudices about nudity and about photographers and models that work with it.

The naked human body is incredibly beautiful. I like the idea that it unites us as humans that we are actually in all our differences under our clothes. Regardless of age, we are faceted by our bodies, for both good and evil.

Certainly, the human body is also of sexual charge and it is through it we multiply or lose ourselves with each other, but it is also a fantastic creation that varies in shapes, colors, sizes and functions. Some believe that it is the most private one that exists and cannot imagine either sharing it with others or looking at the bodies of others and it is obvious that everyone should accept it. But the fact is that there are a large number of people who enjoy displaying their bodies, who are proud of them and who see it as a privilege to show it and be a role model in the struggle to dramatize and normalize the natural.

It must be distinguished from this by the, usually men, who actually exploit, oppress, or only sexualise a body and especially when those who violate women. Some consider themselves to be both women and people from other cultures and take the power to offend and say what they want as some kind of truth. I take that very far away.



! As I wrote, this is done with utmost respect, with confidence in each other and without any coercion. There are two people (photographer and model) who have agreed and who chose to do nude photography or an easily dressed session. There is no reason whatsoever for the viewer to suspect exploitation, coercion and crime. Of course, I am for everyone's equal value and equality regardless of gender, sexual orientation, culture and religion. It should now be a matter of course for all people.


Unfortunately, there are many who make use of our young people who cannot always make "right" decisions and take the consequences. Of course, I take distance to it to 100%. There are also those who let their prejudices control, which only assumes that images with naked content are created in shady and erroneous ways. It says more about the statement of words than about the pictures. As long as everyone involved chose it themselves, feels good about it and thrives, it can hardly be wrong. Then it is optional to look at the pictures or leave it be.


I often ask why I only photograph women? It is partly because I have easier to work with women and see them in different environments, discuss purpose, message etc. I have several sessions that I seek for men, but for some reason they have much more difficulty in feeling safe and comfortable naked, or they would like to take more pornographic material that I am not interested in.

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