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Location: Indoors
Environment: Different environments such as home, maternity care center, childbirth etc.
Purpose: Documentary images of the miracle of life. The end result should be a book is the thought.

Description: For several years I have had a dream of photographing the pregnant process and the birth and everything that belongs to it. I have two own children and have experienced the fantastic thing about seeing life grow and become and I believe that it is the most amazing thing we humans can do with it. The miracle of life. For a period I had a cooperation with the maternity care center for this purpose but did not get any interested. A couple of years ago I finally got the opportunity via a previous model with me, but nature sometimes wants something else and it all went too fast and I did not participate as planned, so now we are testing again ...

So I want to meet your couples or single people who are or rather prefer to get pregnant. It does not matter if it is via arranged fertilization or naturally, if you are cohabiting or heterosexual. My desire is to be part of a corner throughout the process. Everything from the attempts to get pregnant to the day when the "cross" is visible on the stick and the visits to "mothers" begin to then end on the birth. I am with so much I only get and you are comfortable with. I want to have documentary pictures so I like to catch both ups and downs.

Do you think this sounds exciting and interesting? Then consider some things before you contact me.

- Am I / we comfortable with having a photographer for several occasions even if the mood is not always on top?

- Can you act naturally and relaxed even though a photographer is present?

- Is it okay that the pictures will be visible in the media (website, social media etc.)?

- Are you comfortable with handing out parts of your privacy?

- Is the pregnant comfortable showing her body during examinations as well as at birth?

Do you still feel that you want to know more or that you are interested? Keep in touch! This does not only require you / you to feel that you want to participate without having a relationship together and that we feel trust and security between each other. We also have to explain together for the project to various staff at "mothers" and the birth. Everyone does not want to be in the picture but most of them were positive.

Requirements: That you are comfortable posing according to the picture description and that the pictures may be published.

You will be allowed to sign a specially written contract, just like the existing one, but with some additions to any emergency situations in connection with birth and the like.

A child is born

The picture is not my own

Känner du/ni fortfarande att ni vill veta mer eller att ni/du rent av är intresserad? Hör av er! Det här kräver ju inte bara att ni/du känner att ni vill medverka utan att vi tillsammans får en relation och att vi känner tillit och trygghet mellan varandra. Vi måste även tillsammans förklara för projektet till diverse personal på förlossningen. Alla vill ju inte vara med på bild men sist var de flesta positiva.


Krav: 18+ Att du är bekväm att medverka enligt bildbeskrivningen. 

Ni kommer få skriva på mitt avtal för bildanvändning och självklart gäller upphovsrätten.

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