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Hi my name is Jennie Damm I am honing and striking in fulfilling my dream. Or a piece of my purpose in this life. You can follow me further on my instagram accounts @vackravyer_ or on @vasterasbon.

Today it's my turn to guest blog a bit on MÅ foto's page!

I immediately thought of writing a text about daring a little and then daring a little more ...

It is something useful to think about and to work with. It has become my goal for this year. Why 2020 with pandemic and tragedy? Yes, because then there is time in my life. The time we all complain that we do not have or that we have too little of.

I have been working in the hotel and restaurant industry for many years. I enjoy the profession and have worked for over 10 years also abroad, namely in Portugal's beautiful Albufeira.

We all know that in this industry there will be uncomfortable working hours and that when we work you are free and vice versa. The little time you have left over goes to the family or to running, taking photos ... yes, that was when it was given time. I think all creative people feel bad about not getting an outlet for their creative side in life. I often say that and have experienced it myself. I finally got to go and talk to a counselor. Her name was Marianna. She taught me that you have to have a balance in life. That the mood of life is a scale, a bowl of musts but also a bowl of passion, well-being and pleasure. When that wave has an even level and is well balanced, then you feel good. Tilt it over in any direction, well then you know that the balance is not very balanced. Still fun if it tips to the side of well-being! Then you learn to feel happy.

I simply had to go home and review my scales! I discovered that I was more dead than alive. It was not such a fun discovery. How do I find something I can put in the other bowl? The one who was well-being and passionate about entertainment? Sigh, I do not think anything is particularly fun at all!

So I thought. In retrospect, I may feel sad to have to feel that way. Very black. While it is an escape from actually grasping yourself, get to know yourself deeply. What do I think is funny? Then start testing yourself a little in these areas. Dare to have fun. Dare to let go a little of life's serious musts.

Okay, I'm starting to go out and go on sunny days. I like the sun anyway. Good Jennie! It was not many sunny days just that spring and summer, but it was a start. I started to get out into nature, get fresh air in my lungs and finally I took pictures of beautiful views. Went home and edited. This was the beginning of something that came later. I started going out even on cloudy days, I even went out on snowy days etc ...

I found passion, a well-being and a pleasure in being out! I did not really understand this myself, not right then. The head was so thick from other thoughts, like trying to find a well-being hahah.

Later I posted a picture on social media. Mostly for fun. A group called the photo meeting was created and I arranged an exhibition for others, but I did not put up a picture myself! No, I did not dare.

I began to feel better, slowly but surely I took, without realizing anything myself, small steps forward, towards a better mood. I did what I thought was fun! Photographed beautiful views and was out in nature. Later I started running again, after a long break and a few kilos heavier, there we are about now. When you do running, you quickly learn to control your thoughts, challenge yourself a little more and then a little more ... it is a training in itself that I really need right now. Maybe you need this too? Practice daring a little and then daring a little more. When I first posted my pictures online, there were different reactions. Someone once wrote "have you become a nature photographer now or" I was ashamed and did not dare to post more pictures for a very long time. Once I deleted everything from the computer! Because I thought my pictures took up too much space, and just lay and littered! Too bad I did.

Time passed a bit and coronavirus with pandemic came and visited the world. I glanced at the camera again, where it was gathering dust and my scales tipped a bit. I suddenly stood with a lot of time and felt that the moon was not a hundred. This time I knew exactly what was wrong. The camera had got dust because I did not move it for a long time and I had bad "condition" because I did not move.

I put on my running shoes. Grabbed the camera. Out and ran. During my breaks to catch my breath, I took pictures. Decided to become that "nature photographer, right ??" As someone mentioned last! But this time do this with pride! One thing is certain! I will spend a lot more time on my photos! Safe going on and on for over 15 years now. No one should be allowed to suppress my dream. What are you so afraid of really? Other people's opinion? That you should not be satisfied yourself? Today I am waiting for my first painting with butterflies in my stomach!

I created @vackravyer_

and now I will dare a little more and then a little more ...

GAIO-ROSARIO in Portugal

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