Body acceptance.

But hey on is! My name is Natalie, and I have had the honor of making a guest post here about body acceptance. That and many other important topics I highlight on my instagram account: natalie.dahlberg

Body acceptance is about being friends with your body. Which is so very important in today's eating disorder society. Your value does not lie in a number on the scales. Your value does not lie in what clothing size you have. Life is far too short and expensive to spend it on hating oneself, on expensive diets that do not work, on calorie counting that takes up far too much time, on going hungry and isolating oneself from fun with friends and family because you goes on some stupid diet. It's not to live. It's a waste of life. You only have one life. A body. What a friend of it.

On my instagram, I want to normalize what real bodies look like. What my real body looks like. And not what newspapers and the internet try to print into our heads with retouched, smooth, fixed, photoshopped images from head to toe. I want to normalize and show that scars, cellulite, stretch marks, fat, whales, pits, are NORMAL. Everyone has these more or less.

But! I actually did not intend to talk so much deeper into it. You are welcome to look at my instagram which I linked further up💗

Jag tänkte prata om vad jag gör i mitt vardagliga liv för att göra förändring. Det är enkelt att sitta och prata om detta på sociala medier men är det lika enkelt där ute i den hårda världen? Brinner man för nåt tillräckligt mycket så ja. Är man stark nog så ja. Och dit har jag kommit. Tagit år av träning och mod. Men jag vill göra förändring. Och då måste man speak up, även utanför sociala medier. Jag kommer skriva upp några punkter som är en bra lathand, och ni får gärna spara den, och om ni har styrkan, själv speak up om någon i din närhet bodyshaemar, vikthetsar, bantningspushar eller gör något annat kroppsfixerat.

• "you are not fat, you are very nice". How many have not heard this? If you hear this, say so. You can say that no one has said anything about being ugly. Thick and ugly do not belong together. Thick is a descriptive word just as narrow, long and short is. Thick is nothing negative and should not appear like it. If someone says that he is fat, whatever the purpose, do not deny it with a "no you are very nice".

• Christmas is a wonderful time. apart from everyone who comes back to work late with their "I have eaten so much during Christmas! probably gained 4 kilos", "wow all this Christmas food, have to go on a diet for the next 3 years" etc etc. NO. NOT OKAY. Anyone who hears this may never have even thought of these paths, Agda also comes and feeds this poor man with this after such a wonderful holiday as Christmas. Or the person who hears this talk, may have an eating disorder and become triggered and sicker in their illness. So you as a fellow human being, dare to speak out. Say that Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones, you do not want to hear this reach any more, this must be kept to itself. For the most part, people usually respect that. And I usually pull up everything I mentioned here, but you can keep it short.

• Dem 3 V: na. Dare to refuse the scales. For your children's sake, for your sake. Have no scales at home and say NO to the school nurse / care etc who will weigh your children for no fucking reason. Even for your sake. And should they weigh any of you (but whyyy?) Then ask that you do not want to know the number and do not want to reach "health advice" before. Then if they still do not respect and should quarrel about type BMI and shit, you can of course draw up that BMI is shit.

The BMI was invented in 1830 by a MATHEMATIST named Adolphe Quetelet and was only for white men.

* BMI was never intended to measure individualized measurements of body fat, body build or overall health.

The BMI does not take into account the fat distribution on the body, the waist measurement, the muscle mass, or the fact that we all have different body proportions.

So in other words:

BMI is an ancient mathematical formula that does not make any f * cking sense.

There is a lot you can do in everyday life. These are just 3 small points as a piece of the road. A small guide.

But the most important thing is to say no. This is how we create change. Say no. Not everyone wants to hear about Berit's weight journey or how many kilos she has gained. And if not for your sake, tell those who can not or do not dare.

The change begins with us.

Take care.


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