I photographed? Naked !? Why? Why not !

Most of us do not like to be photographed but would like nice pictures of ourselves. An equation that of course does not really go together. And this with selfies at an angle from the top may not really be the same as a beautiful portrait?

I like to photograph these men, women and couples. Or by the way… women it has become. Men talk a lot but do not get shot while women talk less and do more instead. And we should not talk about couples, it is the women who "drag" their husbands

And besides, I do not really photograph, but try to get space in time, space and thought to be able to create images together. Often 2 - 3 hours in peace and quiet in a studio or outside. Often with a lot of discussion and look at the pictures as they emerge.

And the vast majority are pleasantly surprised. Not only about how good they actually look, but also how interesting and comfortable it felt. And many will return again. And sometimes again and again. The pictures are for those I photograph and not for me or for publication. Although I have been given permission to post some on Instagram @zanderneuman and my (fairly old and out of date) website https://xandernewman.myportfolio.com - feel free to check out what I and those I photographed tried to create together.

Näää ... my name is not Zander (or Xander). It has become an alter ego for my own sake and for those I photograph. It is part of creating a space that becomes a bit semi-anonymous for those who choose to display their images on my sites. And no… I do not charge and do not pay. We do this because it is fun, creative and a slightly different way to meet as people you do not know each other before but who want to do something creative and interesting together.

Nice portraits yes. Do you have to be naked? And why?

Näää… you do not have to be so clear (be naked). But many people think, when they have seen nice portraits of themselves and feel comfortable with me and to create pictures together, that it feels natural to take a step outside of everyday life and try something that you may have thought but did not know how to do, or had reason to do before. Or because you want a beautiful picture of yourself for the future. Or because you think it's fun. Or as someone said… “Now that I have turned forty, I have stopped asking others ... Why then? And instead started saying to myself… Yes, why not! ”

Zander Neuman

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