My name is Peter and I am a hobby photographer in Gothenburg and I am a periodical.

Period in photography, then. It's probably not clear if you look at my instagram:

What is so good about photography as a hobby is its variety. You can focus on so many different genres.

Every day you can photograph portraits of your dog, a small product in a light tent, sunsets / sunrises, models in the studio or go out on the town and photograph people in their day or cityscapes, etc.

Yes, the variety is almost endless. And when you are not photographing, you can mecca with images in Photoshop.

I get tired of things easily and need variety so that's why this hobby suits me so well.

Recently I was in a portrait period and I was going to write a few words about how it all started.

In 2010 I wanted to learn how to photograph portraits so I looked for models in a facebook group to get a start.

It's not as easy as a beginner to get hold of models if you do not have a portfolio to show but I was lucky.

Got an answer from Jaeni, a girl who had modeled a lot and showed fantastic pictures from talented photographers where she was a model.

Of course I got performance anxiety but at the same time I was very tagged.

Before we shot for the first time, I got to go with her and Sven Sundqvist, a photographer who had a studio in Hisingen to see how it goes.

This was instructive for me. To see how he rigged lightning, etc. and see how they cooperated. I had the camera with me and they were kind and let me take some pictures too.

I was completely sold on this so a couple of weeks later I had a couple a couple of studio flashes and backdrops at home in the living room so it was just to get started and practice.

Jaeni posed as a model several times in the beginning and since she is good with poses and expressions, I was able to focus on the technical which made it a lot easier.

I'm very grateful to Jaeni for standing up for me who was so green on this. I do not think it is very common for an experienced model to set up so much for a beginner.

Thanks Jaeni!

And thank you Mattias who gave me the honor to write here!

Here are some pictures I took over the years.

From the first studio session with Jaeni and Sven.







Low-key med Ruth

Eliza igen.

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