Pinkiis in the Cosplay World

Now I have in previous blog posts written about Lolita fashion and thought it was time to present when I entered the Cosplay world and how my first cosplay experience was.

All the inspiration came from the beginning when I started reading manga in high school and watched different anime. But within myself I have always had a creative side and once I started to accept it and took the step to "bloom", and get help from grandma who can sew very well, so began the creation of my first cosplay, It was a older generation of Zelda, from The legend of Zelda (wind waker).

I apologize already now that the picture is bad and pixelated, but this is an old picture that was taken from a mobile.

Then came the second creation that I wore in the year 2012 I remember! It was on one of my then favorite main characters from a manga / anime called Mirai Nikki. I started sewing on a dress that came later in the series (saw some cosplayers who were the same character, but they wore the previous version's outfit / clothes), and quickly put together another dress / cape, using a black old rice sweater as "skeleton". Ideas are good to have, because it was through them that I developed.

Here is a picture that shows Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki (has more pictures from this series, they are on my facebook page: Pinkiis Cosplay):

Thank you so much for coming back to my blog!

Hope to see you again soon!



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