Strange times

Hello, how are you doing in these strange times?

I myself have been at home since Monday with cold symptoms (runny nose, sore throat and tired in the body) However, it has not gotten worse and it should be added that I have allergies so how the phase should I see the difference haha. Anyway, I think it's probably mostly allergies, but that sore throat is a small cold, but nothing that has gotten worse so it's probably not that dangerous: o)

I think that one should of course follow the recommendations of the public health authority and really try to prevent the spread of the infection to the elderly, sick and those in the risk groups, but it will have consequences both socially and financially. At a board meeting (by phone) this week, we had to cancel all regular training at Norrköping's youth circus, which leads to our traditional performances in May, at Tyska torget in Norrköping being canceled and moved forward. This in turn leads to sad children, less income financially and a sadder cultural offer, but better that maybe !? I would like to think that we will get a lot of positive things out of this in the end. Maybe we reevaluate a little and see what is really important in life? The environment already feels considerably better due to fewer flights and other travel. The really selfish people who hoard goods without thinking about others, and without really much need for the goods should have already had a real food for thought with all the comments and articles in newspapers and social media.

But photography then?

I am so tagged to get out into nature and photograph both insects and flowers that now in the spring time tend to sprout. There is also a desire from the Nordic Museum to document situations during this pandemic, but it is not something that attracts me directly. I am still looking for people, ordinary people, who want to be in my sessions and who share my purposes and thoughts. I have gotten in touch with a fantastic woman and role model who does what I wanted to achieve for several years. Her name is Jannica Honey and she runs but is also on Instagram. She has given me both inspiration and concrete ways of thinking both when it comes to the production of images and the search for people. Feel free to check out her photos and sponsor her by following her. She's just absolutely awesome!

I am also trying to get in touch with IKEA to, hopefully, be able to sell some / some of my pictures for printing on their paintings. We will see where it leads because it is not even easy to get in touch with the right person: o)

But as a last wish: If you feel that you can imagine being in the picture, regardless of habit in front of the camera, regardless of body size, age and appearance, get in touch!

We can discuss something that feels comfortable for both of us, but my main purpose is to normalize the natural human body in all its different designs and stages, men and women and everything in between. Of course, I can imagine going on a little trip to make it easier for YOU and to get what I am really looking for. Needless to mention maybe but to clarify, this is not about images with a pornographic character. Just natural nudity!

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