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I have been moving in the same categories of photography for several years, which is perhaps neither strange nor unusual? Like most others, I end up in periods when you lack motivation, nothing is particularly fun to photograph and everything feels already done. I have just finished my writing "Thoughts on photography - Practice, theory and inspiration" where I give, just as the title says, everything from thoughts to theory and motivation based on my experiences and knowledge. In the suites of a Corona-influenced world and in the lack of finding people who want to be part of my various photo ideas, I simply wanted to try something new.

I have always loved certain types of documentary images, often showing people on the fringes of society either through poverty or why not because they do not fit into our norms. To name just a few, I can mention Susan Meiselas and her pictures from Prince Street in New York in the 1970s. Somewhere in me there has always been a longing to show authenticity. You who have followed me know that I have struggled with it for a while as I always work with people who in one way or another have a story and experiences that may not be typical of a typical "model", but that I in the same crank have a hard time make it visible in the picture.

Just as I have these thoughts and am looking for both inspiration and something "new", the mothership is launching a course on Street Photography. It rekindled my enthusiasm and my curiosity. What has always been a brake on me for some contexts is to photograph people in public. I should not come here and disturb and just take a picture right upside down without asking and asking, I am not so comfortable in. But after reviewing the mother ship's films about Street Photography and the law, I know that it is perfectly OK to take pictures whoever is in the public space (with the exception of creating an abusive situation (No it is not the same to feel offended and to really be) or to make money on the pictures (however, there are exceptions if what I create is actually art) ).

Even if the law is on my side, I will of course photograph with the utmost respect for the people in the pictures, but it's nice to be able to lean back a little on the law. For me, Street Photography is about capturing everyday events and situations with or without people. For me, photography does not only have to take place in silence, but a "posing" person in the situation can be perfectly ok as long as you do not create and invent an event. Street photography is really a time document that can be of the utmost importance for future generations to understand their predecessors and a bygone era.

So you see me in town, with the camera in full swing so do not be afraid. I never take photos for the purpose of harming anyone, but to show the diversity of us humans, large and small, young and old, different cultures and social classes. Feel free to come and talk to me if you have any questions.

Take care of yourself out there, it's starting to get cold now.


Image examples from my galleries Street Photography 1 & Street Photography 2

Do you want to read more about the laws regarding street photography etc.?

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