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The camera and the photography as recovery.

For most of this strange year, which we will never forget, I have been on sick leave for exhaustion. I, who never give up or give up. Probably for that reason. I went home to rest and could not go back to my work. During the year I have followed the crooked paths to find my heart. Now I have decided to do something of my passion, photography. For real.

I have spent many many hours in the woods this year. With the camera as company. Think what luck we have here in Sweden, who can trudge around in the woods anyway. The camera has been my most important source of recovery, and it has taken me outside the door, even when it would have been most comfortable to stay under the blanket. With it, I have had a break from the world around me, and it has been quiet for a while. I have learned a lot about myself.

I photograph a lot of nature and animals, because I live with the forest close by and it is so nice and relaxing to spend time there. But I also take photos of families, children and portraits. Preferably documentary and with a relaxed feeling. Enjoys the personal and responsive encounter with people. My picture style is dull, a little melancholy and I hope the pictures touch, in one way or another.

/ Vera

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