The first pictures of the year

I can well willingly admit that the inspiration has not been at its peak in the last month. I find it difficult to find motivation and inspiration when it feels gray, wet and like late afternoon around the clock. I work with a picture montage, but even that takes some time. How completely. A couple of days ago, my "children" and I were invited to my sister's one daughter. She lives very nicely in the middle of the beautiful Östergötland and wanted to show us a cool deserted house.

A few years ago, I really hunted desolate houses. It is something very special to find and go into old houses. It breathes history and it is with great respect for previous owners and what you might find that you enter the houses. I rarely touch anything without observing and documenting for both myself and posterity because there is a bit of bygone time left in most desolate houses.

Many houses have been demolished by landowners in recent years, some are left behind and have to stand and die by themselves and some have been destroyed by young people who found them and have them as a refuge, party place or just for lack of other sensible things to do.

This particular house is surrounded by a barn, storage buildings and various other detached houses. After some finds, it can be suspected that it has not been inhabited since the late 1970s. One may wonder what life was like here then? There were agricultural machinery, wagons and a place for animals. One of the residents was probably named Nils Ragnar Valentin, a common and at the same time a bit solemn name. The pictures speak for themselves if you take the time to look at the details. At the same time, I like to play with the idea of ​​using the scenes as material in my session "Rewind". If you want to be part of it, contact me otherwise I think you should check out the pictures below and dream away to the 70s for a while.

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