The lack of ordinary people?

So you were up and running again after the holidays and I'm pissed. After a very tough and long spring in Corona times, I have now recharged my batteries and got a lot of new ideas to photograph or realize, but it has been reached with ordinary people ...

Actually, I have felt this for longer than Corona, but of course the phase did not make it all better. It is difficult to get ordinary people to be in the picture. Maybe it has to do with GDPR, you are more aware of rights and obligations. Maybe it's a fear that pictures can be seen by a very large audience in social media? Maybe you are afraid of what people will think? Maybe you are not comfortable in how you look? The reasons can be many and completely understandable. The funny thing is that this is exactly what drives me to some extent.

Who is the phase who has the right to complain about how you see, and who should be seen in the media or not. Not the phase, it is a certain body that is "right" and not the phase, it is a certain age that is appropriate. Today, images are retouched hard and completely sick ideals are created to live up to. At the same time, a large movement is growing that calls itself body activists with the aim of showing just normal bodies in completely crazy times when just about everything is sexualized as soon as it is mainly about women. You have probably seen, for example, Stina Wolter's Instagram account which has been closed or reported several times in all its wonderful naturalness, while accounts with young women who sit and write in thin lace panties and look extremely excited are perfectly ok, as long as a nipple does not happen then. Or accounts where a picture of a child is deleted in the belief that it is a sexual account when in fact it is about a fair-haired, long-haired boy at the age of six who happens to have a topless body because it is summer. Yes, the thoughts and opinions are many and I understand that it is not easy in all this to be the one who is seen in the picture in all situations, but I think that especially then it is important to show the opposite.

I would like to get in touch with several people who have about the same attitude as me. It is of course easier the more similar values ​​we have. Of course, you do not need to be photographed naked if you are uncomfortable in it. You may want to be part of a fun photo idea or a montage or just be part of a picture or two in the studio or elsewhere. Why not just try and feel it? I have several people that I already work with and that I am so grateful to work with, but I want more expressions, I want more variations in both age and culture, size and what so ever.

So why not take the chance. Check me out, read my purposes, thoughts and ideas. Get in touch and we can at least start talking and see what exactly we can create for art in the future. Because despite restrictions and Corona, GDPR and skewed body ideals, we can photograph and work together. We hold 1.5m, talk openly about the purpose of the pictures and where they may end up and the critics can really think about what phase they create for the world and reality for our young generations. Tighten up!

New is also my FAQ page and of course that you can write as a guest writer on my blog about both big and small.

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