The value of an image

In one way the value of images has never been higher and in another way the value has never been lower than now? I will explain how I think but first maybe we need to figure out what the concept of image is for something?

To me, an image is both moving or still. It can be obtained digitally or analogue. An image can be authentic or fabricated and retouched. The purpose of the image can be purely personal, for documentation purposes, for pure entertainment purposes, for artistic purposes or for the purpose of provoking and showing something you think is wrong or unfair or why not something you think is nice and good that needs to be highlighted. An image is a frozen moment, a memory and a historical act for posterity.

Today we are fed by images in social media and via other media and we are many who are "stuck" in the swamp, not least myself. It is a fantastic development and it shrinks and unites a great world. But perhaps the development of images has gone faster than our brains can handle and perhaps the amount of images that are published daily and affects our brains gives a kind of wasted indifference to the actual value of an image? My experience, and perhaps to some extent prejudice, is that it should be styled and fixed with images to the extent that you change reality to get likes and create some kind of fantasy world. You change colors and mix with images so that sunsets seem to come from storybooks or distant galaxies. You put on filters, change body shapes and appearances just because you can or do not feel comfortable in who you really are. Some people organize their breakfast pictures to perfection and these are the things you put out. Of course, it is a knowledge and a skill to work in photoshop and create realistic changes to images, but I think you should do it with great care. How are we affected by seeing only the perfect moments, the stylized and changed bodies or landscapes? What signals does it give our young people to relate to?

Another thing that I think this entails is that everything should go so fast. You scroll and scroll, click and click, like and like, hate and hate. Do you even have time to see the picture? Do you take the time to analyze it? Do you think of the person behind the picture and the person in the picture? Is there any thought with the picture? The web gives us a fantastic opportunity to share thoughts and experiences. Unfortunately, there are many who hide behind the identityless computer and have opinions about things you actually know nothing about, but people have quick opinions at least. It fascinates and amazes me. I myself have received many accolades over the years for my nude photos and my choices of "models" and that I do not retouch the people. Why? Why do even people care and why do people want to publish only "perfect" people, with big breasts, botox lips, airbrush skin and other fake. why do you not want to stand for the natural and most common? I think that's nasty.

The availability of images today is enormous. The Internet makes it possible for anyone to google an image, download it and use it for better or worse and have opinions about it. But did you know that it's actually a crime. Just because it is available online and technology makes it possible, the picture is not free, it is not just to be taken for granted. Do you think so in the grocery store as well. "Yes, but here's a milk. I take it." I have several friends who make a living from photography, I have several friends who have had to quit their jobs at newspapers (who also do not value the value of a picture of a photographer anymore). That their pictures and mine are stolen and used is sad. I understand, as I said, that we ended up here because the technology exists and it has been a matter of course for so long. But think a little more. Think about the work behind the picture, think about the people behind and in the picture.

A really low, but good example is when a blogger (does not mention names) posts videos on youtube where she and a "photographer" show how they, to attract pathetic, horny guys to her "membersarea" and for her to get some quick cash, googles a picture of a naked girl and cuts in the influencer's head. So she wants to show herself naked to her fans to get money, fine it's her choice. But she does not really dare and then googles someone else who has dared or ended up there for completely wrong reasons. She both steals the picture and tricks her fans that it is her. There were a lot of outbursts and many became angry and upset. She and the so-called the photographer then says that it was a "prank", as if it would make it more acceptable? It's still at least one crime. After further strong reactions, they say it was for charity. As if an organization wants to bring in money for them that way !?

Anyway, where do I want to go with all this? I want you and I to think a little more about the images that abound out there in cyberspace. If you still have opinions about an image, the least you can do is to really look at it and see who is behind it and who may be participating in it. Keep in mind that behind people may be children, family and strong emotions. Try to understand the value of the images and above all stick to the law and do not take for granted that you can only twist an image, just because it works. Here are some simple points that may be worth considering.

1. Who is the author of the picture?

2. What is the purpose of the image?

3. Who / what is in the picture?

4. Do you have enough knowledge about participating in the photo and the photographer to have an opinion?

5. Do not steal other people's pictures at all.

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