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What do you say...?

Mattias asked me to write a few lines, which is really an impossible one. Photography has been such a big part of my now long life and also in many respects crucial. Most likely you can describe me as a crazy dedicated amateur. I have the photo to thank for my first wife and children and for many of my best friends. I have the photograph to thank for countless creative experiences and some of the funniest moments of my life. I have photographed a lot, I have collected photos, started and run a photo gallery, been responsible for an art gallery, been cultural director, exhibited and curated many exhibitions, organized Sweden's first pure photo auction, worked with photo fairs, all in addition to my real job as a lawyer . In short: I love photography as an art form and a life phenomenon.

Why? Well, I'm not alone. If you read this, you probably also love photography. For me, it's about freezing beauty and freezing time, I love the beautiful and I'm fascinated that perishable beauty can be captured and saved, theoretically forever. Photography is also communication, both when the images are created and when the viewer may see the image many years later. Incredibly fascinating.

I realized early on that women were the most beautiful thing the world had to offer. So it had to be that way, why choose the next best thing?

Lately I have spent more time on film. Has made a feature film and a number of short films, now focusing on dance and performance. This spring I published my first "real" book "Sweet Sweaty Death Strip: Twenty-Nine Unlethal Disjections" together with the author Carl-Michael Edenborg. More books are on the way.

Has an unfulfilled favorite project. Would like to gather a bunch, 10, 15 or 20, skilled model photographers

and make a really good coffeetable book combined with an exhibition. If you feel compelled, get in touch (jan.palmblad@hotmail.com).

Below you will find some examples of my photos from 2019. More photos can be found on Instagram or my website janpalmbladphoto.com.

Keep filming, be happy, kill the corona and feel free to contact you if you want to discuss something.


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