When I started with Sweet Lolita

When I started with Sweet Lolita, I was 24 years old. Many start earlier, but that was when I started looking for more facts, but as a Beginner you make many mistakes, the typical beginner mistakes. So this blog post will be about this.

Beginner mistakes I made:

* My first dress was a copy sold from a Swedish company that copied from a well-known brand called Angelic Pretty. Later I learned that buying copied dresses / skirts etc. is taboo in the fashion world. So you learn a lot by listening and reading blogs, fact pages, etc., so as not to make the same mistake I did.

* Another is not to wear a blouse that covers the shoulders. Showing shoulders can be interpreted as sensual / sexual, which is the opposite of what fashion is all about.

* And before I had time to buy my first petticoat, which fixes volume for dresses and skirts and I said that I am a Sweet Lolita, although I did not have all the clothes you should wear, to call yourself Lolita.

* Or like wearing the wrong shoes for the style. I was wearing rave shoes. It's not Lolita and yet I called myself Sweet Lolita. Which comes to the next point ..

* ... color choice ... it was completely wrong pink for a yellow skirt and it was just chaos. I am ashamed so long afterwards (have had a picture, but can not find right now). Today I am 32 years old.

* Another beginner's mistake was when I mixed Lolitan with cosplay, which is against the norms and rules of fashion.

And the petticoat here is visible, which it should preferably not do under these dresses. Nice and okay for Classic Lolita, But I'm Sweet Lolita.

Fortunately, I became wiser and wiser during these years and learned so much about this small (large) community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!



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