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I want to capture diversity, and promote the common man, that is really my main purpose. I like to see a more inexperienced model, which may differ from the amount of media image of beauty. Why limit yourself when you can photograph anyone who really wants and loves to stand in front of the camera regardless of gender, sexual orientation, appearance, cultural & social background. My purpose is to spread and share my photographic art.

In all of my future sessions, I am more interested in people who participate and their lives and experiences. Somehow I want it to be visible in the pictures in some way. It can be via environment, props or just an emotional impression. The more you are prepared to give of yourself the more interesting pictures. Think of a mixture of documentary photo and model photo, depending on idea. Together, we can change the world and the view of injustice, hatred and other things in society.


I am aware that some, images may be perceived "superficial" and perhaps typical of a so-called "superficial". girl photographer but then I ask you again to read about me, take into account the privacy of the people and think again. There is something more in the pictures than what you first see.

In connection with this, I can take the opportunity to mention my open mind and interest in nudity. I think that too many have a skewed, damning attitude to nudity, the most natural and common we all have. I see the human body's ALL forms as something beautiful and not at all just as sensual and erotic.

Äldre recensioner


As for reference on our part, we would like to make the following:

A friendly and relaxed but at the same time professional treatment from the first moment made us feel that we found our wedding photographer. We want to mean the treatment is A and O for being able to feel relaxed during the photography and that was exactly the way we felt. We also felt that we had a lot to do with the production of our wedding photos, which was also something we sought. The fact that Mattias wants to highlight the natural in the pictures and capture the feelings produced by the people in the pictures was also something that suited us. During the wedding day itself, many incredibly beautiful pictures were taken and we could not be more satisfied. That we then got all the pictures that we can pick and choose from and then develop in the way that suits us best is something we appreciate. If we need a photographer on further occasions, we know who to turn to. We can therefore make our warmest recommendations for Mattias. It is a very good photographer whom we would like to express a big thank you for exemplifying our happiest day in our lives.

Hope it is enough. It came in every case from the heart :)

Mvh Marie and Niklas

Mattias is a great photographer, he is very good at what he does. I feel safe with him during the footing. Fast answers and good contact. Will definitely photo with Mattias again.

Ida Andersson

You are a good photographer with whom you feel safe.
And you take good pictures.And I like to model more times

hug Steffi Westberg

It felt a bit strange at first for me because I have never before been a nude model but the excitement released quite quickly. Mattias is a professional. He gets it feeling natural, light, relaxed and fun during the plate! Had good!

Johanna Lembke

Working with Mattias I think is easy and easy to use in every way. Fast mail reply and all contact before the plate flowed very well. During the shooting I had the space to be creative, which contributed to making it very fun. I like Mattia's thought about the equal value of all bodies.

Maja Engström

Very easy to shoot with, open and nice! Would definitely think of working with Mattias again. Many fun, smart and interesting projects that I would definitely like to participate in. Very serious in their work!

// sara norrman :)

When I first contacted Mattias, it was because I was interested in his different sessions. Since I usually find myself behind the camera, I was eager to try something new. I got an answer, and sent over some different images for "assessment". From the very beginning I have felt safe in the whole, and that it is very clear that Mattias listens to what I want / think and what I have for ideas. He has given me different suggestions, but the tail time has been clear in that I should only do what I feel I want and manage! Now we have photographed a studio album together and I definitely look forward to new recordings together with Mattias! He is a great photographer, but also a good coach who exudes security. I'm a pretty shy girl, but after about half an hour I was hardly aware of the surroundings!

These were my words about Mattias Åström

// Ellinor Dahlin

I'm glad I went to you to do this! Sitting just looking at my pictures and being terribly proud of myself, that I dared! You made it all very easy and relaxed. You are extremely easy to deal with. Many thanks for an experience without its equal =)
Will definitely turn to you for future photography.


I thought Mattias was an incredibly good photographer. He was positive and very instructive, he knew how a model would bring out his best self and was very helpful when one had run out of ideas. I thought the photography was great and I would like to take more photos with Mattias. We mixed things into the pictures as an "umbrella" and a chair. This made the pictures look much more eventful. The pictures were wonderful. I am very pleased with his work with the pictures.

Vendela Bergström

I was photographed at Mattias on the 21st of June, and at the beginning was quite nervous about the photography. But that nervousness immediately dropped when I started talking to him, as he was very social and pleasant, and really showed that he knew what he was doing. It was very fun and educational to be photographed by Mattias, he works well behind the camera, is very creative and helpful as I had run out of ideas myself! I would love to be photographed at Mattias again, and I highly recommend him!

Emilia Carleson





I have always been a little bit interested in photography and have always wanted to but have never succeeded in reaching any record. All I watched cost around 6000 SEK I could not afford. At first I didn't really know that Mattias was a photographer when I had him on my msn.
But then I saw a link to a website and yes checked and became really happy! But still I didn't really know ... was a bit scary for me at the same time as exciting ... so I thought about it. Then Mattias began to tell him that he would release free portfolio recordings and I became annoyed! He was so nice and it gave that little extra that you dared. He gave clear instructions such as before plating as on the plate. I had the great fun he had humor and one should have as a photographer according to me, you got lots of energy and you really did everything! I would love to take a look at him again.

Gabriella Tangfelt

It was great fun to be photographed by you Mattias and you felt comfortable during the footing. It was worth going from Gothenburg to Norrköping to be photographed by you who are so good and funny. I really hope you can shoot me again.

// Linda Krantz

You are a skilled and professional photographer with a lot of imagination what you can create and convey with a photo, you listen to my ideas and have many ideas yourself. I think you are good at editing and have developed within it with brilliant speed !! I feel safe and comfortable in my role as a model object behind your camera and with you as a photographer, I always get satisfied with the results we created.

Camilla Westberg

I first got in touch with Mattias and his pictures on the picture book. I fell in on his side and began to comment on his pictures and received friendly and fun responses back. After a while I added to his Msn and we started talking there, he was a nice person to talk to, but when he asked if I ever thought about being a model I was falling off the chair. But I gave it a chance and after talking about it a lot, we finally met for a record.
We would plate "nature calls" and that plate contains nude pictures and that made me of course nervous. But as soon as I met Mattias, who had gone alone to Örebro to meet me, I immediately felt calm and safe. We went about a good while to find a good forest party to plate in and all the time we sat and talked and it felt completely natural.
Once we found a good place and started, Mattias made me feel completely calm and safe, believed that we were completely alone in the forest. Not even when I undressed for the nude pictures, it felt particularly difficult, he was very agile and turned around as a real gentleman while I undressed.

So I really recommend Mattias, he is a lovely, calm and safe person who made me feel beautiful and comfortable.

Sarah Jonsson

First, yes and my mother went and locked dad Bosse and Zacke to Norrköping from Kalmar, it took a couple of hours. We arrived early to Norrköping so we went and fried a little before. I made a little makeup at the cafe and fixed the hair a little, then carried it off to the building where yes would be photographed. We got there before Mattias, but he appeared shortly after that. He greeted us and then said yes to my mother and Bosse who went away somewhere in Norrköping. Me and Zacke and Mattias went into the building.

Mattias invited Zacke and me to some hot chocolate that we had to take out of a vending machine. Then, yes, the clothes would change to yes. Mattias was very kind and made me relax after a while, but was a little nervous all the time, they were actually my first photography. Mattias showed me some bags that would do, which made it all very much! Zacke was there during the whole photograph, yes I felt safe about having him there. I made some change of clothes and yes it seemed fun to be photographed. After the photography, I checked the pictures and thought they were great! I thought Mattias did everything well and well during the shooting.

Hug / Tessan





When I first looked at Mattias website, it was simply a fun thing, I wanted to take a model card for a long time but not really dared to take the step, partly for fear that I would be stiff as a stick but also because the photographer would see Down on me, I simply wouldn't be good enough. Something at Mattias made me dare to take the step and send an email to him that he quickly responded to, it was something that I was shocked but still so happy that he responded so positively and enthusiastically without even seeing me on cards before. Perhaps that was precisely why I decided to go to Norrköping and live out my secret dream. After only one week the plan had become a reality, because I wanted my pictures ready until Christmas Eve so it was quick jerk and maybe it was good when my nervous side did not affect me until I was outside the door, it was now or never. With trembling voice, I phoned Mattias because he would come and open to me and my friend (who was involved as moral support), after a firm handshake so my pulse became calmer and Mattias took pictures of me which I had never dared to dream of . It is not easy to come as a new to a studio to be photographed and especially not when to undress, but with Mattias I felt calm immediately and it didn't take long before I got a great confidence in him. I, as a beginner, may not have been very easy to work with and even though my poseande might have been worldless, Mattias made me feel like a real beauty model, so much so that I could even pretend that I was one of those wire-thin girls in Top Model. According to me, Mattias is the perfect photographer, you feel safe with him and his pictures become amazing!

One more thing I want to say, and it is; Thank you so much Mattias for all these nice pictures! I hope that there will be even more in the future.

Mrs. Madelene Liljegren

Well what is there to say about you ... The first time we met to be photographed it was so bad that we did not come inside the door. The door code does not work. But that probably made the situation easier in some way. What yes is good with Mattias are his cards / photos. He can shoot! Has a very nice, positive, sense of humor and personality. An easy going person to work with or for. Takes both the ideas but also gives ideas. I have been to Mattias 2 times, of which once I was alone. You do not need to be afraid or worried about him because he is simply a professional and is in charge of the situation. I'll go there again tomorrow.

He's really nice! He has humor, is playful but is spiritually serious.

Mattias is A CANON'S PHOTOGRAPH I recommend!

MVH Diana

I think it was really fun to shoot with Mattias. He was very calm and you felt safe even when taking underwear pictures and so on. We started by photographing a bit of everyday style, then underwear and finally some topless pictures, though without showing anything. drove 2 swaps of each. You got a lot of space to find things yourself, which for my part was positive. Like what I've seen of the result this far too! Will definitely want to photograph him again.

// Linda Björkström

Mattias is a good photographer, I could feel safe and he listened to my ideas. The result was many nice pictures. I think Mattias after the photo shoot has been a little poor at telling me what the pictures have been used for. As a model, you want to know, for the most part, which pictures will be used for what, websites and the like. As soon as I have mentioned something that is wrong, he has of course fixed it. Otherwise, I have to say that most of the work was done professionally at the actual painting. It was a while since now, but what I remember was everything finished when yes arrived, no light that needed to be changed or something. In the whole I have been very satisfied!

Sincerely, Ida


When I contacted Mattias via email and described what I was looking for for kind photography, it felt like Mattias understood immediately what I was looking for. He felt very safe and comfortable, someone you can trust. His website also helped a lot also during the election, as it feels safe to know a little about the person who should stand behind the camera.
I had with me my sister during the photo shoot (one should always bring someone with him no matter how good feeling one has and partly for your personal safety sake in front of the camera so you can relax better.) Already at the handshake with Mattias I knew I had chosen right and that I could feel comfortable with him during the photo shoot.
Mattias is very professional in his way and good at getting one to relax and I was very happy with my pictures which were very tasteful and black and white sensual (can you write so ??? you know what I mean.), Just so as I wanted them.
However, it may be good to have someone with you in the background, it made me think that it may not always be easy for the person who photographs to always see / know what is best. My sister had many good advice and together with Mattias it was like a CD with many pictures that I will carry with me for the rest of my life and feel proud of.

 Therese Karlsson

I think Mattias is a nice and fun person. I think it is very important that the photographer has humor and, as I said, he has. He is very skilled as a photographer, has many good ideas and knows how to do them. "

Myrtel Lindström