Location: The old limestone quarry outside Skärblacka.
Environment: Limestone quarry, rock, stone.
Purpose: I want to get beautiful pictures in the limestone quarries and think it can be a cool effect with the soft body against the hard walls and the rocks.

Description: The picture idea is simply to create exciting poses together with the rock walls, the stone roses and the "cavities" that exist. I think that as a model you are posing in a natural and relaxed manner with minimal makeup or completely without. I want, to the extent possible, to get a documentary feeling as if I am not actually in place. That means I want you to get rid of me and become one in the session except when I ask you to look into the camera. Together we create some beautiful dreamy pictures and let the imagination flow.

Please let me know if you would like to know more.

Requirements: Open-minded, easy-to-work, contains nude scenes.

woman sitting nude by rocks and stones
Girl posing nude in sunlight by a rock
Young woman taning naked on a rock.

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