Location: Forest environment
Environment: Outdoors (by agreement)
Purpose: To create a couple of different images based on my sketches. The image is a so-called realistic photo montage consisting of several images that are joined together to create an alternative reality with a lot of editing in Photoshop.

Description: I have a friend who came on this photo idea some time ago. It is both macabre and beautiful in itself.

I think of a series of pictures where the model stands with a heart in his hand that drops blood. She holds it in her two hands and holds it forward toward the viewer of the image. In the middle of the chest is a hole where the heart has taken out. This is done digitally but blood and color will need to be applied directly to the body. She is naked in both figurative speech and as a person when she gives her heart to someone unknown. I have two hearts (one in reserve) from a friend who is a hunter, the blood is theater blood.

If you have your own ideas and want to develop the idea, it is just exciting to hear it. You need no previous experience, but should be confident and confident in yourself. It is good if you have a burning commitment and just love to pose and be in the picture! You should have turned 18 but can of course be older.

I want, to the extent possible, to get a documentary feeling as if I am not actually in place. That means I want you to get rid of me and become one in the session except when I ask you to look into the camera. Together we create some beautiful dreamy pictures and let the imagination flow.

Requirements: Open-minded, easy-to-work, nude photography

Inte mina egna bildexempel

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